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Whether it’s trying to understand the ever-changing Affordable Care Act or trying to decide if you should find a better place for the money in your savings account, Redbird Advisors has experts who can help you.

Redbird Advisors is an insurance agency that helps families and businesses plan for life, health and retirement. Making these important decisions can be complex and sometimes overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be that way. Our agents will provide options that you can understand and that fit your situation. We like the “one bite at a time” approach to make sure clients understand and are comfortable with what they are purchasing.

Redbird works with many of the most trusted insurance carriers in the U.S. Take the time to learn more about Redbird and why you should consider one of our trusted agents to help you plan for the future. Send in the form on this page and someone will contact you.

Protecting your family has never been more affordable

Everyone knows something about life insurance.  What you may not know is just how many options there are, from the most basic Term Insurance to the many interesting options of Permanent Insurance.

Term Insurance is designed to protect your family over a specific period of time in the event of your death.  It could be to pay college expenses or a mortgage.  It’s typically the cheapest form of life insurance and coverages can extend for terms up to 20 years or more.

Permanent insurance, or Whole Life as many call it, builds tax-deferred cash value over the life of the policy that you can use while you’re alive or you can leave as a lasting legacy for your family.

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Let us help you navigate a complicated world of options

Changes to healthcare in the U.S. have many people concerned about their coverage.  Most worried are seniors who are living on restricted incomes and can’t afford for even the slightest change in their monthly expenses.

Redbird represents many outstanding carriers who provide supplemental coverage for those participating in Medicare.  With costs rising, Medicare Supplement insurance is the best way to protect you from unplanned healthcare expenses.

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Ask us about tax-free retirement options

Saving for retirement is tricky.  At what point do you change from trying to make money to trying to preserve money?  There’s no perfect answer because everyone’s situation is different.

What we do know is that most everyone needs to save for retirement.  Redbird provides fixed annuities, which are a low risk way to help clients plan for income during retirement.  Fixed annuities provide a guaranteed interest rate over time that includes tax benefits for retirement.  You can purchase annuities that begin paying you immediately or at the end of the time period.

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